FinTech Envoy welcomes new Skills Strategy for Northern Ireland

Welcoming the launch of a new Skills Strategy for Northern Ireland, FinTech Envoy for Northern Ireland Andrew Jenkins said:

“Skills and talent are critical areas for the advancement of the fintech sector in Northern Ireland. This strategy provides a framework to bring business, government and education together to meet both the current skills demands and ensure a structured pipeline of talent for the future. I welcome the recognition of fintech as a key strategic cluster with the potential to drive our economic competitiveness.”

“We know from the development of the first three-year fintech strategy that the sector is on the right track to accelerate the local economy. Fintech contributes £392 million in GVA to the economy and has the potential to deliver much more, including the creation of thousands more jobs and the attraction of over £25 million in Foreign Direct Investment. This is what can be achieved here, yet a more ambitious, visionary approach is needed if we are to sustain the level of investment expected in the coming years. The area of skills is a known barrier to this, therefore the commitment to support fintech, and other key priority areas, with bespoke skills development plans is welcome and I look forward to seeing the strategy implemented.”

View the strategy here.