NI FinTech community meets with NIO Minister of State Conor Burns MP

HM Treasury appointed FinTech Envoy for Northern Ireland Andrew Jenkins has hosted the Minister of State for Northern Ireland Conor Burns MP in Belfast to showcase the strengths and potential of the local FinTech sector.

Envoy Jenkins was joined by individuals from across the business community for discussions on the sector, which has remained strong and resilient despite the challenges of Covid-19.

The meeting, which comes just weeks after the Minister was appointed to the Northern Ireland Office, was an opportunity to promote Northern Ireland’s place in the wider UK Fintech sector after it was recognised as one of ten clusters with the most potential for further growth and development in the Independent Fintech Strategic Review led by Ron Kalifa.

Minister Burns was also presented with a copy of the three-year FinTech Strategy that was produced by FinTech Northern Ireland as one of the key recommendations of the Kalifa Review.

To demonstrate the collaborative nature of the local FinTech ecosystem, Envoy Jenkins was joined at the meeting by representatives from across the sector, including:

  • David Allister, FinTech NI Association Board of Directors
  • Steve Orr, CEO, Catalyst
  • Professor Gillian Armstrong, Director of Business Engagement, Ulster University
  • Emma Pollock, Chief Technology Officer at FinTru
  • Cormac Quinn, Founder at loyalBe
  • Alison Donnelly, Director, fscom

Speaking following the meeting, FinTech Envoy for Northern Ireland Andrew Jenkins said:

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to host and engage with Minister Burns following his appointment to the Northern Ireland Office. This was an important meeting with a Minister who showed significant interest and understanding of the strengths, potential and requirements for future growth of the Northern Ireland FinTech sector.”

 “An industry that remained strong and resilient in the face of Covid-19, there is no doubt we are on the cusp on something great here in Northern Ireland. As Chair of FinTech NI, I was proud to present the Minister with our three-year strategy and roadmap for FinTech in Northern Ireland, a document that was a key recommendation of the Kalifa Review and which sets the direction of travel for the sector until 2024. With the help of colleagues from across the ecosystem, we showcased the strengths of NI FinTech in terms of our richly talented workforce, core expertise in RegTech, AI and Data Analytics and our geographical advantage and access to international markets.”

“Although we are a relatively small place, I was encouraged to hear the Minister commend the joined-up and collaborative working approach we have developed in FinTech. As the world’s top destination for FinTech development investment projects, our connected community is one of our greatest assets and we know that clustering will help us to remain competitive in years to come. As FinTech Envoy, I will continue to work with the UK Government, the NI Executive and wider industry to implement the three-year strategy and champion Northern Ireland as the world’s top destination to locate a FinTech company.”