Invest Northern Ireland launches new London hub in financial district

Source: BDaily News

Business representatives from London and Northern Ireland have welcomed the launch of Invest Northern Ireland’s new business hub which opened yesterday (September 26).

The business development agency’s new 3,359 sq ft office at Moorgate in London’s central business district will serve as its headquarter for the region while aiming to foster better collaboration between the UK’s financial services centres of London and Belfast.

The space, which features images of artists, writers and others from Northern Ireland in its design, will also provide Northern Ireland-based professionals with a flexible co-working space in the city, with meeting rooms and event facilities for up to 55 people.

Alastair Hamilton, CEO of Invest Northern Ireland, said: “Our new London hub will play a critical role in attracting further investment to Northern Ireland and will further reinforce the UK’s credentials in the financial services sector by enabling greater collaboration between the two regions.

“Northern Ireland has an enviable reputation in the financial services space, from our pioneering work in disruptive technologies such as blockchain and AI to the inward investment we attract from global names such as Citi [and] Allstate, and our thriving community of home-grown startups and SMEs who are now delivering solutions globally.

“As well as providing us with increased capacity and improved facilities to support a greater number of Northern Irish businesses, it has been a strategic decision to move our main hub closer to London’s business district, which will ultimately benefit both regions.”

Various Invest Northern Ireland representatives and business advisors will be based at the new hub to provide support to Northern Irish companies operating in the GB market.

Peta Conn, head of territory for Europe at Invest Northern Ireland, who orchestrated the relocation of the London hub, added: “With our expertise in trading and payment technologies, regtech, analytics and cyber security, Northern Ireland has become the go to location for financial services technology and innovation globally.

“Belfast is now the world’s number one destination globally for Fintech development investment projects and ranks third in fDi Intelligence’s inaugural Fintech Locations of the Future for 2019/20, making the sector of key importance to the Northern Irish economy.

“The housewarming event has been a great way to welcome business leaders from both Northern Ireland and London to our new home from home.

“I look forward to seeing them make the most of these new facilities which have been designed to meet the changing needs of business professionals.”